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A Better Way of Aquarium Recordkeeping

Timely, comprehensive recordkeeping is fundamental to good aquarium management. BlueChromis was designed to encourage recordkeeping by making data entry incredibly easy.

BlueChromis forms are electronic registers. They are easy to understand and easy to work with. You enter data and see your data in a natural way, just like you would in a manual log or journal. Each entry is a row in the register.

What’s wrong with traditional aquarium management software?

Other aquarium management systems use traditional data entry screens that show only one entry at a time. These traditional entry screens can be cumbersome to use. Each of these screens involve extra steps that require clicking on several types of buttons such as New, Edit, or Save for each entry. With traditional systems, you often are required to use more than one data entry screen to record the different types of activities related to your aquarium. For example, you might enter measurements on one data entry screen and other types of tasks in another screen. These traditional systems become tedious to use. Instead of fostering good recordkeeping habits, traditional aquarium programs often create extra work that makes many people stop using them.

The BlueChromis Solution

BlueChromis Aquarium Recordkeeping - Activities Register

With electronic Registers, your previous entries are visible in one place. It’s more meaningful when you can see your current entry in the context of your previous entries. It’s also easy to move from one entry to next without opening and closing data entry screens, or clicking buttons. Any type of activity for your aquarium can be recorded in one easy to use form called the Activities Register. All your activities are right in front of you. No buttons to click. No jumping between entry screens.

Quick, Easy Data Entry

BlueChromis was designed from the ground up for quick, easy data entry. Changes to entries are saved automatically when you move off a register row. The last row of the register is always blank. This is where you fill in new entries. Simply move off the new entry row by hitting the enter key and it is saved. A new blank row instantly appears for you to type your next entry (with the date, day of week and time automatically filled in). Many fields have autocomplete. This means that BlueChromis remembers the words you enter so you don’t have to type the same words over again. The Activities Register features Memorized Activities and Short Codes. Short Codes allow BlueChromis to “remember” an activity and to autofill a complete row with a few keystrokes the next time it is used. This is great for repetitive entries.

 Video: Data Entry Using Memorized Activities


An expandable Notes cell makes recording observations, problems, etc.much easier. Use the mouse to drag the notes area to any convenient size.

BlueChromis recordkeeping - Aquarium Activities with Expanadable Notes