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Aquarium Management Software

BlueChromis Registers (“It’s all about ease of data entry”)

BlueChromis electronic registers are the foundation for quick, easy data entry. Each row is an entry in the register. You can add notes or attach an image to any entry. The current date, day of week, and time are automatically completed for new entries.

Activities Register


The center of BlueChromis is the Activities Register. This is where you log all activities related to your aquarium, from measurements to cleaning filters. Each row is an activity performed on your aquarium. You can think of the Activities Register as a journal of everything you do with your aquarium.



You can define as many types of activities as you wish. You can name them anything you want. For each activity you can define the unit of measure and decimal precision. The ability to display a different decimal precision for each activity in the same QTY column of the Activities Register is unique to BlueChromis (see the Activities Register at the top of the page). 

For measuring water conditions such as temperature or calcium levels, you can set minimum and maximum acceptable values, as well as a target value. The Activities Register can warn you when values are out of range. Ranges and targets can be displayed on charts when you plot the related activity.

Memorized Activities

Many of the activities surrounding an aquarium are repetitive. For example, we routinely test temperature and dose calcium supplements in marine aquariums. You can enter a Short Code for an activity in the code column of the Activities Register and BlueChromis will automatically remember the current activity row. The next time you enter that short code (or pick it from the dropdown list), the entire row will autofill for you. You can define codes any way you want. There are no restrictions. For example, a short code for Test Calcium could be TCA and for Dose Calcium could be DCA. Short Codes also have autocomplete, so you likely won’t even have enter the whole short code!


The form above displays activities that have already been memorized. Here you can delete or edit memorized activities, if necessary.


Equipment Register


Record your equipment inventory here. You can enter the price you paid and understand your equipment investment. BlueChromis will automatically calculate the years in service for each piece of equipment.

You can also record power usage and how many hours per day the equipment runs. BlueChromis will use this information to compute the electricity expense for your aquarium.


Species Register


The Species Register is the place for your livestock inventory. You can enter the price you paid and who you purchased your livestock from. BlueChromis will automatically keep track of how long each fish or invertebrate has been in your tank.

Species Internet Reference


You can link each fish or invertebrate in the Species Register to an internet reference resource. This gives you the flexibility to bookmark a webpage of your choice as a source of information on each species. With an internet based reference, you’re not tied to a static species reference that may or may not meet your needs. An internet based reference is more likely to be up to date. You can always link to another website, if you find a better one for that species. You can also add your own comments in the Notes field of the Species Register.