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More BlueChromis Features

Manage up to 20 Aquariums

Got a lot of aquariums? No problem. Want BlueChromis to treat your plenum separately from the main tank? Just create another aquarium for it. When you create a new aquarium you can copy the settings from any existing aquarium, or the included Example Aquarium, to the new one. This makes new aquarium setup a snap.

Example Aquarium

Unique to BlueChromis is the inclusion of a fully working Example Aquarium complete with data and settings from a marine aquarium. Learn BlueChromis quickly by exploring the Example Aquarium.

Did you ever start a new software application only to be confronted with blank forms that left you unsure of what to do? Not with BlueChromis. With an Example Aquarium, it’s immediately apparent what each form does and what kind of data to enter, because each form is already filled with data.

With the Example Aquarium you can immediately explore areas such as charts and tabular analysis that you otherwise would not be able to do.

Explore as much as you like before you set up your own aquarium. To get started even faster, you can use the Example Aquarium’s settings and Activity Definitions for your own aquarium.

Water Volumes and Surface Areas

Having the most accurate estimate of the water volume in your aquarium system is important for proper dosing of additives. Knowing water volume and surface area are important for determining fish capacity.

BlueChromis Tank Capacity Calculations

Calculate aquarium water volumes and surface areas for almost any shape aquarium, as well as plenums, protein skimmers, sumps and other equipment that hold water. Water displacement from substrate (sand or gravel) and rocks (Live Rock or solid rock) is accounted for in the water volume calculations. BlueChromis calculations can handle almost any shape aquarium.

BlueChromis Aquarium Shapes

Operating Expenses

Want to know what your aquarium is costing you for electricity? How much does that pump cost to operate? Compute power usage and electricity expense for each piece of equipment and in total. Calculate usage and expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

BlueChromis Aqwuarium Electricity Expense  

Search Facility

Each Register has a search facility. Need a list of all the times you cleaned your filter? The search form will display a list of the register’s rows that match. Need to edit one of those rows? Just click on the row in the search results and BlueChromis will automatically scroll to the related row in the Register.

BlueChromis Search Facility

Export Data

Data in each Register, as well as any Tabular Analysis, can be exported for use by other applications. The export process can save data in three file formats: comma separated values (.CSV files), plain text (.TXT files) and portable document format (.PDF files). BlueChromis will attempt to automatically open the related application to display your exported data. For example, if you export to a CSV file, BlueChromis will try to display the data in your spreadsheet program, if you have one.

BlueChromis Export Facility

Backup Your Data

Protect your data. Backup is easy. So is restoring it.

BlueChromis Backup

 Predefined Units of Measure or Define Your Own

BlueChromis comes with the most common units of measure already predefined, both U.S. and metric. You can create new ones, rename them, or delete them.


Application Options

Global options and settings are shown below.

BlueChromis  General Options

BlueChromis  Date and Time Options

BlueChromis Register Options